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The City Hall. Foto: Per Ryolf
The centrally placed City Hall (Århus Rådhus) houses the municipality of Aarhus. The City Hall is home for the City Council, which is made up of 31 members, elected for a four-year period. These members then elect the mayor and five aldermen, who together constitute the Municipal Authority.

The present mayor of Aarhus is the social-democratic Nicolai Wammen, who became mayor following the election in 2006. On Aarhus Municipality’s website you can find important information about the city, the airport, the harbour, and the history of Aarhus.

Since 1 January 2007, the fourteen Danish counties have been replaced with five regions.

Aarhus belongs to the Region of Central Jutland (Region Midtjylland) together with eighteen other communes. The region has a council consisting of 41 directly elected politicians, and the current council president is the social-democratic Bent Hansen.

The Region of Central Jutland’s main office is situated in Viborg, but there are local offices in Aarhus, Holstebro and Horsens. The primary task of the administrative region is to provide and administer all aspects of healthcare and most social institutions, but it is also in charge of the overall development of the region, and it is the coordinator of municipal activity and development.

The region is funded partly by the state and partly by the municipalities.
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