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The Nutcracker from Aarhus Theater 2007. Foto: Sanne Vils Axelsen
Aarhus is definitely not lagging behind in the cultural department. The city is home well-renowned theatres, art museums and music events.

Not limiting the cultural possibilities to this one week, a number of different venues around the city offer concerts, theatre performances, and other experiences all year round.

The annual Jazz Festival is also a good bet for quality music. The music venues Train and Voxhall present a wide variety of music, ranging from modern urban hip hop to traditional pop music.

Smaller concerts of all kinds are being held every week at different music venues, cafes and bars such as Fatter Eskil, Musik Caféen and Gyngen. In the classical department, the Symphonic Orchestra offers concerts on a regular basis and is often accompanied by renowned soloists.

Theatres and concert halls
Aarhus has several different theatres and concert halls, which show all types of performances under the sun.

(The) Aarhus Theatre dates back from the year 1900 and is situated next to the cathedral in the city centre. The theatre has five stages which host about fifteen plays and shows annually. The shows range from classical and modern theatre plays to dance concerts and musicals.

Another good place to look out for shows is the Concert Hall (Musikhuset). The Concert Hall presents a large number of performances each year such as classical opera concerts, contemporary music concerts, ballet performances, comedy shows, and even childrens’ plays.

Aarhus also has a number of smaller stages, including Katapult Theatre, Entré Scenen, and Gellerup Scenen.

Aarhus can present a large number of museums to suit your specific interests. The impressive and internationally acclaimed art gallery, ARoS, is situated in the city centre, but worth mentioning is also ‘The Old Town’ - a living museum where you can talk to the inhabitants. The city also prides itself on having the only woman’s museum in the country.

Aarhus is also home to numerous small private galleries – take a stroll down Vestergade to see what contemporary art in Denmark looks like.

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