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Martial Arts
Lyseng Taekwondo. Photo: Metin Aydin
Aarhus is host to a wide variety of martial arts, ranging from the aesthetic, philosophical and meditative, to the most physically demanding no-nonsense close quarter fighting systems.

If combat sports is for you, and whether you favor traditional and exotic martial arts or modern sports oriented fighting systems, there is a chance you will find a sport that suits you in Aarhus.

The martial arts clubs of Aarhus are located all over the city, including the suburbs, and are home to many high ranking and internationally renowned instructors. Originating in as far away regions of the world as South America to the Philippines, the clubs are international by nature and thus open for all.

Most martial arts clubs in Aarhus are non-profit associations with unpaid instructors, and therefore training is relatively cheap, several clubs offering 14 days of free training.
Aarhus University Sports: aus.dk
14 clubs offering 16 different sporting and leisure activities

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The city's largest football club

Tivoli Friheden
Amusement Park of Aarhus
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